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Community Based Organization in Bridgeport, CT

Community helping the community.

Sawubona - supporting the mental health and resilience of youth & their families in Bridgeport, CT through creative expression.

Arts and Crafts With Kids

Who We Are

Born from the experience of trauma-focused missions to South Africa and Jamaica, Sawubona strives to serve local youth and their families.

People Are Planting in a Box

What We Do

Creating connection and building resilience through applied Expressive Arts - painting, drawing, drumming, writing, gardening, and more.


How You Can Help

It is time, talent, passion, and a strong sense of hope that moves us forward, together with your help. Your donations are vital to widespread our mental health support.


S + ow + bone + ah.

There. That wasn't so hard, was it?
And it means we see you. We hear you. We believe in you.

Sawubona, one and all.

Seedlings in Plant Pots